Ride Review: Lego City Deep Sea Adventure

During our stop at Legoland California, I had the opportunity to ride several rides as well as record a ride through video with my 360 camera. 


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Today’s ride review is for one of the newest rides at Legoland California, the LEGO City Deep Sea Adventure, which opened in 2018. This ride is also on the list of Reserve n Ride attractions. The wait time when we selected our pass was 20-25 minutes. The system told us to arrive in 2 minutes, which was about the length of time to walk from the ride we just got off.


When arriving through the Reserve n Ride line, you’ll miss the beginning of the line that allows you to build your own LEGO submarine or sea Life creature and instead went straight into the mission briefing room. After the briefing, there’s another short line before you board your very own submarine. 

When it’s your turn, a group of 12 people are hurried into the ride vehicle as it slowly moves forward, not stopping as everyone tries to climb inside and find a seat. The ride workers then close the submarine hatch, the submarines interior lights are turned off, and you’re on your way to a one of a kind experience.


The Deep Sea Adventure is the only theme park submarine ride that transports you underwater on a journey that includes real sea life creatures. In fact, over 1000 species of sea creatures can be found in the aquarium where the submarine voyage takes place.

A unique viewpoint of the ride, thanks to my camera’s app

The ride vehicles have windows across the bottom of the submarines, making it easy to spot many of the various creatures. The ride also includes an electronic scavenger hunt, an ipad type screen for everyone on board, where you can indicate finding any of the 6 items listed for the scavenger hunt.


The ride itself was very smooth sailing. Lots of room for everyone to sit down and get a view of the underwater universe. The electronic touchpad to keep track of your treasure hunt seemed to work really well and made the voyage even more exciting for the kids. There was lots of buried LEGO treasure to find as well!


Overall, I think we all enjoyed this ride the most as a family. We all loved competing against each other in the scavenger hunt as well as the theming of the ride.

Full 360° POV ride through video

If you’re ready to start exploring a Legoland California family vacation, I recommend checking out Undercover Tourist for your ticket options.  I’ve already used them a few times, twice at Disneyland and once at Disney World and will plan to continue comparing their prices with other sites, however I usually come back to UT because they have the best deals and their instructions make it easy to add your tickets to the Legoland and Disney apps.


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