Legoland California is Child’s Play

When booking our trip to Legoland California, I figured the hotel would be somewhat kid focused, but I didn’t realize the theme park would also be heavily focused towards kids as well.


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When it comes to kids playing in the park, they have so many options to choose from, between LEGO building centers, playgrounds, splashpads and kid only or kid centered rides, there are plenty of opportunities for your kids to stay occupied while in the park!


In the map above, I checked or circled each of the kid focused areas around the park. Blue circles are water zones, red circles are playgrounds, green circles are LEGO build centers, there may be more of those, and the purple check marks are rides kids can do alone, with a parent watching nearby of course.

For playgrounds, there are 2 large playgrounds and 2 smaller ones. Of the smaller ones, Benny’s playship is a rocket ship themed playground and can be seen in the video above if you spin the view around. One of the splashpads is right next to the rocketship. Dig Those Dino’s is an archaeology dig where kids can hop in the sandbox and search for Dino bones.


The Hideaways playground is more of a wilderness themed adventure that let’s kids run around, climb, hide and play while parents can sit down and take a break.

The Duplo Playtown has many kid friendly features all in one area. There are several play structures including hospital, fire station, school and more that all have build centers inside them. There are also 2 rides in this area. The first is the kid power tower, seen in the two 360 images above, where 2 people pull themselves up by the attached rope. When they let go of the rope, the ride vehicle drops!


The second ride is the Legoland Express, seen in the 360 image above as well as the 360 video below, it’s a kid sized train that takes the kids around the tracks twice.

Beyond the rides in the Duplo Playtown, the other rides either for kids only or where kids can ride alone include Cargo Ace, for kids over 36″ tall, Dune Raiders, again over 36″ tall, Queen Watevra’s Carrousel if over 42″ tall.


Royal Joust seen above, and the Driving School, seen in the video below are both kids only, based on height requirements. Absolutely no adults aloud! Younger kids have a Jr Driving School with a more basic course to help them better navigate the road.

The building centers are scattered throughout the park. Some of them are themed while others allow you to use your imagination. Either way, build something awesome and have fun!


Some of the themed building locations include the Ferrari build and race, LEGO Space, and Build a Boat located near Coast Cruise and Miniland. A couple of the use your imagination building sites include Build Watevra You Wa’na Build, located in The Lego Movie area and there’s also a LEGO Dots building area where you can make a little design with the small dots LEGOs.

When the weather starts to warm up, everyone can head to the LEGO waterpark area and cool down. There’s play structures, rides, splashpads and more, so grab a towel and go get wet!


My kid loved having so many kid focused things to do, maybe a little too much. She got to feel more independent while taking control of her very own ride vehicle. However, some of that control went straight to her head. However, overall, it’s exciting to see the imagination of kids being able to run wild with so many things focused on them.

If you’re ready to start exploring a Legoland California family vacation, I recommend checking out Undercover Tourist for your ticket options.  I’ve already used them a few times, twice at Disneyland and once at Disney World and will plan to continue comparing their prices with other sites, however I usually come back to UT because they have the best deals and their instructions make it easy to add your tickets to the Legoland and Disney apps.


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