The Return of the Festival of Fantasy Parade

Disney Parks Blog has just announced the return of daytime entertainment at Walt Disney World! Disney Adventure Friends calavcade begins February 11th, Mickey's Magical Friendship Faire begins February 25th and The Festival of Fantasy will return to the Magic Kingdom on March 9th. According to the post by Joey McElroy, the parade as well … Continue reading The Return of the Festival of Fantasy Parade

Magic Kingdom Evening Report

If you've been reading along, you may have noticed I haven't written much.  I got the covid pneumonia last week so was mostly resting.   Fully recovered now though and ready to get back to writing! After our dinner at Storybook Dining, we returned to the Magic Kingdom.  It was already dark at this point.  The … Continue reading Magic Kingdom Evening Report

Magic Kingdom 360° Photo Report

If you read the Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Parade Review, you'll know our day basically started with the Christmas parade. This report will detail the afternoon of our Magic Kingdom 50th anniversary celebration day. Prior to the main parade, we did see a couple of cavalcades coming down Main Street USA. The first, which we … Continue reading Magic Kingdom 360° Photo Report

Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Parade Review

One of the reasons for selecting our park days in the order we did was to possibly see some of the Christmas party entertainment during the daytime. We were late to the party, pun intended, when it came to buying party ticket passes. We were still discussing whether we should do a party night for … Continue reading Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Parade Review

Main Street U.S.A.

One of the best views in any Disney park is walking in and getting that first sight of the Castle. However, it's never the first sight seen. It's always fun for me to take in the full view around the town square area of main street. Seeing the fire station, city hall, train station, along … Continue reading Main Street U.S.A.