2021 Candlelight Processional review

Picking up from the Epcot Photo Report. After getting off Soarin’, we had about 15 minutes to get all the way to the American Pavilion. We tried to catch the friendship boat as there was one at the dock, but unfortunately it filled up just before we got there and it wouldn’t be back in time to get us to the other side, so we had to walk quickly through the world showcase.

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On our way over, we got to see my daughters favorite character, unfortunately we had to keep walking and couldn’t stop and she doesn’t look over at the main path, so the picture from the side it is…

We arrived just in time for the dinner package entrance; however, we were all the way to the left of the stage, so not the greatest view.

However, we did have the choir walk right past us and the trumpeters were standing next to us as well, though some, including my daughter, might find that as a negative. I did capture a nice panoramic shot that includes the trumpeters both on our side and the other.

I was quite excited for our presenter. This is a singer I’ve been familiar with since the 90s as my mom listened to his music. Then in college, I was able to be part of a truck unload crew for a concert in my college town. His adoption foundation also helped my sisters family with adoption grant money. Needless to say, he’s been a part of our life for awhile! The Artist is Stephen Curtis Chapman!

The processional is a really neat experience, almost feels like a Christmas Eve church service while at a Disney park. It starts off with the trumpeters taking the main stage risers and performing a couple of songs. Then they move off and the choir fills up all the risers including a taller area right behind the speaker that was more of a design set piece.

After a few songs, the speaker is introduced and he reads out of the bible the story of Christ’s birth. He would read for a few minutes and then the choir would sing a song or two. It went back and forth throughout the show like that.

The show did not disappoint. The choir was amazing. I know they typically bring in high school choirs for this, but due to the pandemic, they were only using Disney World cast members, but they were all phenomenal singers. The band on stage sounded great and performed really well together. And of course, Stephen Curtis Chapman did an amazing job as the story teller. I only wish I could have recorded the entire performance to share with you all.

If you’ve never been to the Epcot Candlelight Processional, I highly recommend it. They have several story tellers throughout the month of December including famous Disney Stars as well as other celebrities.


After the show, we headed over to the France Pavilion (see my France Pavilion 360 picture here) to finally ride Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure!

I’ve seen a lot of mixed reviews for this ride, but we loved it. You ride through a French kitchen as a mouse trying to escape the kitchen workers trying to capture you. There’s a lot of screens that use 3d effects, but there’s also a few fun 4d effects thrown in the mix. I’ll let you discover those for yourself.

We did pay for the Lightning Lane. At the time we could only do LL or Virtual Queue, which technically, I did get a boarding group, group 8 to be exact, and they started calling groups before the park even opened. Now with standby, we’d probably choose that option next time, but for our time crunch, I was glad we didn’t have to wait in line. With the LL pass, we waited about 5 minutes to get on the ride once we entered the building.

I would love to hear your experiences with either the Candlelight Processional or Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure, so please comment below!

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