Space 220 Lounge Review

Our Epcot day concluded with a trip to the all new Space 220 restaurant. We were fortunate to get a reservation here as they just happened to open reservations for the lounge a few weeks before our trip.

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Space 220 is located right next to the Mission Space ride. There’s a beautiful blue neon sign welcoming you to the restaurant.

Upon entering the lobby, you’re greeted by a host or hostess who will check your reservation status, then present you with a group boarding pass allowing you access to the elevator.

You then sit in a waiting room area for your name to be called. They will then verify your boarding pass and walk you into the elevator that takes you up to space. The Cast Member spiel lets you know you’re traveling at 10,000mph to get to the space station 220 miles above the Earth, hence the 220 part of the restaurant name.

The elevator ride simulation is really neat. Between the visual effects both on the floor and ceiling, as well as vibration of the elevator, there is definitely a feeling that you are moving quickly up to space.

Once your elevator arrives, you walk down a hallway that takes you past the Space 220 hydroponic garden where they’re growing several types of vegetables for use at the restaurant. In the hall picture above, you can see a little green on the left. This is the garden area.

At the end of the hall, you check in again with a host/hostess who will take you to your table. It’s at this time you finally get to see the amazing view.

My daughter was extremely excited to be in space! Lol. She asked if we were really in space and the CMs said yes. She knows we weren’t really but had fun playing along.

Finally at our table, we were able to review the menu and get our snacks ordered. I’m not a big alcohol drinker, but was interested in the non alcoholic drinks available. I believe our server listed 3, but I can only remember two. The first was a Milky Way drink, which is coffee based and includes caramel, similar to the milky way candy bar.

The second one is called the Pop Rocks. This one is a lemonade base with a cotton candy and coconut flavoring added in, plus you get a packet of Pop Rocks candy to go with it.

I chose the Pop Rocks option. When it arrived, I had to ask the server what you do with the rocks. I almost poured them in my drink. No, you put some in your mouth and take a drink. I’ve never had a drink like that, but it was so good. The rocks would start popping around in your mouth when you took a drink. I really liked the flavor mixture of the drink. It’s somewhat similar to the Sonic Ocean Water, mainly because of the coconut flavoring.

As part of the specialty drink, they also give you a pack of Space trading cards. Some people have reported not getting the pack of cards, so if you don’t get one when you get the check, be sure to ask your server.

For the snack, I went with the Chicken and Waffles. I really liked the chicken. The breading was crispy and the flavor was perfect. The waffles on the other hand were kind of dry and not quite as good as I would hope for at Disney. They do top the waffle with cole slaw, so maybe that’s where the extra moisture is supposed to come from, but I didn’t like the taste of the Cole slaw, so I didn’t eat that at all.

We really loved our experience at the Space 220 restaurant. The idea is really cool and overall it was a fun place to dine. Beyond my experience, I’ve seen a lot of mixed reviews on the food. So if you’re concerned but still want to check out the restaurant, try for a lounge reservation. The price for the regular dining is fixed and rather expensive.

When it was time to leave the restaurant, you follow the same path back out and go back down the elevator. Inside the elevator, when you look up, you see the space station and looking down you see earth, specifically Florida as you arrive back inside Epcot.

At that time it was around 9pm and we were all tired, so decided to head out and skip the Harmonius fireworks show, which was scheduled for 10:45 that night.

We did, however, stop to enjoy the Spaceship Earth light show. There were a few different scenes I really enjoyed, including the twinkling of lights and the globe spinning around, but the metallic rainbow I thought was really cool. A great way to display the lights.

Have you been to Space 220 yet? Would love to hear your experience below. If you haven’t been, what are you looking forward to? Thanks again for following along!

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