Epcot 360° World Showcase Photo Report

During our trip to Epcot, I had the opportunity to take several 360° pictures throughout the day.  Walking around World Showcase has some great spots for these types of pictures as you can see down the Pavilion area while viewing the main walkway as well.

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This first picture is right in the center of the park looking into the world showcase lagoon.  It’s also in a spot where several of the 50th anniversary celebration statues (see close-ups here) are located as well as the Epcot Christmas tree.

Up next is a spot just outside of the Epcot Experience building looking out across the park. The walkway over her was fairly busy, but there’s a restroom nearby and one of the few paths to get to the front of the park.

After dark, we were walking around the World Showcase, so i captured a few moments in the different pavilions.  This first one is out in front of Norway.  There was a lot of people walking around the area, and you can also see some of the line  for the Frozen Ever After ride.

The next location is the Italian Pavilion.  I thought it’d be neat to be in the center of the stage area.  There was not as much as much food traffic back in this pavilion while we were there.

The final location is the new part of the France Pavilion. I stood underneath the skyliner, but messed up by not looking down the Pavilion to Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure. Next time…

I hope you enjoyed the 360° journey around the World Showcase. Next time, I should be able to get better pictures and take one from each of the pavilions to get a better tour of the entire area.

I would love to have you comment below your favorite World Showcase Pavilion and your favorite thing to do at Epcot? Thanks for reading along!

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