Legoland California Top 5 Thrill Rides

Last summer, our family had the opportunity to check out Legoland California in Carlsbad for the first time. For us, it was a pretty great experience. Most of the rides there are family friendly, which my kid loves, but a few of the rides do include some thrills. Check out what’s the most thrilling below!


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When it comes to Thrill Rides, if you typically think about a towering rollercoaster with crazy inversions at high speeds, you may be underwhelmed at Legoland California. Unfortunately, as a very kid friendly park, you won’t find super fast rides, big drops, or even upsidedown rollercoasters.

However, what is available can still be a fun experience for the whole family. The smaller coasters are a great way to introduce your young kids to this type of theme park ride. At Legoland California, most kids are able to ride coasters, whereas they may not be able to at Universal or Sea World.


With that being said, lets get into the Top Thrill Rides at Legoland California! To start with, we’ll give an honorable mention to the Bionicle Blaster. The Bionicle Blaster is a teacup style ride, so a flat ride that spins and can spin faster with user interaction by spinning the wheel. This ride does have a minimum height requirement of 42 inches.


Each of the rides below can be Reserved utilizing Legoland California’s Skip the Line pass, called Reserve n Ride. Check out my R n R guide here.

The Top 5

5 – Unikitty Disco Drop – the Unikitty Disco Drop is a drop ride that lifts you up to the clouds, spins around and drops you down. Ok, this cloud is only 25 feet high and the spin is a slow turn. The theming and Lego features do make this ride slightly more fun than it sounds! Minimum Height Requirement for this ride is 40 inches. Check out the ride video below.


4 – Coastersaurus – this prehistoric rollercoaster is a short track with a small drop, but mostly goes around in circles. With the track short, they do let you go around twice, where you can see LEGO Dinosaurs! rawr. This line gets long, so try to arrive for early entry if you’re eligible! This is the only thrill ride open during early entry. Minimum Height Requirement for this rollercoaster is 36 inches. Unfortunately, I was not allowed to record on this ride, so no video, but here’s a 360° picture from the side of the coaster.


3 – LEGO Technic Coaster – this coaster is a fun little ride that takes you up and down hills and turns you back and forth while higher up in the air. It’s a great gravity focused thrill ride. Minimum Height Requirement for this ride is 42 inches.


You can see the ride video above, but also, my Legoland walkthrough video has a good view of how the coaster looks from the side. Go to the 4:40 mark in the video below and update resolution to 2160.

2 – Emmett’s Flying Adventure Ride – in this exciting ride, you climb aboard Emmett’s Couch and fly through the Lego Movie world. If you’ve been on Soarin’ at the Disney parks, this is the same concept. The Minimum Height Requirement for this ride is 40 inches.


1 – The Dragon Coaster – this awesome coaster is an indoor and outdoor ride. The indoor part is more of a dark ride, which takes you through fun story scenes, but once outside, the speed picks up and this LEGO inspired Dragon Coaster flies you around the backside of the Legoland castle! Minimum Height Requirement for this ride is 40 inches. You can see part of the Coaster in the 360° walkthrough video above starting around the 6:15 mark.


Have you been to Legoland California yet? What are your top thrill rides? Comment below to let us know!

If you’re ready to start exploring a Legoland California family vacation, I recommend checking out Undercover Tourist for your ticket options.  I’ve already used them a few times, twice at Disneyland and once at Disney World and will plan to continue comparing their prices with other sites, however I usually come back to UT because they have the best deals and their instructions make it easy to add your tickets to the Legoland and Disney apps.


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