Te Fiti Sculpture Added to Epcot

The Disney Parks Blog has announced the addition of a giant living sculpture of Te Fiti in Epcots new Moana addition, Journey of Water, in the World Nature neighborhood in Epcot.


According to the post by Reid Ekman, the Te Fiti living sculpture, which will be located in the new World Nature neighborhood, will be seen protecting the water as it travels through the water cycle. See below for more details.

Welcoming Te Fiti to EPCOT

We recently welcomed Te Fiti to the World Nature neighborhood of EPCOT in Journey of Water, Inspired by Moana and we are thrilled to be celebrating this moment! Our team of Imagineers have been working to bring Te Fiti to life for years and we are excited to share this sneak peek of her as work continues to happen along the waterways and landscape areas within Journey of Water.

The development of Te Fiti and her pose was a close collaboration with Walt Disney Animation Studios and its Creative Legacy team. As guests walk along the trail, they will come across Te Fiti, who is seen protecting water as it travels through the water cycle. 


Along with Moana as a steward of water conservation, Te Fiti is a symbol of how we should protect and nurture water wherever we find it. This is an important theme in Journey of Water, where guests will learn more about how water travels from our skies to the ocean, and back again. This story will unfold along a lush trail inspired by the environments and art style of the beloved Walt Disney Animation Studios film.

The World Nature neighborhood is dedicated to the awe and wonder of our natural world, and we are excited to continue that theme within Journey of Water, Inspired by Moana. This will be a place where guests can engage with water and learn more about the impact we have on our natural world. We will even learn how to become better stewards of nature just like Moana!

We look forward to welcoming guests in late 2023 to see Te Fiti, engage with magical water, and learn more about conservation and the cycle of water! Keep up to date with the Disney Parks Blog and the Walt Disney Imagineering YouTube channel to see more interviews and behind-the-scenes footage from projects around the world!


Are you getting excited for the new Moana neighborhood? Comment below to let us know!

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