Salt n Straw review

On our recent visit to Disneyland, we had the opportunity to check out Salt n Straw in the Downtown Disney district. This report shares some pictures in and around the area as well as my thoughts on the ice cream.


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After our dinner at Black Tap Craft Burgers, we wanted to check out the ice cream over at Salt n Straw. I had heard great things and wanted to try it last time we were here, but just didn’t have time.


Upon walking into the shop, the smell of freshly made waffle cones fills the air. The workers scooping it ice cream onto the stone slabs draws your attention to the long row of available ice cream flavors.

I’m a sucker for most things berry related and lucky for me, it was berry season at Salt n Straw. For a limited time during the summer, they have 4 different berry flavors. The Wild-Foraged Berry Slab Pie just sounded too good to pass up, so I got a scoop inside one of those delicious smelling waffle cones and I was ready to go!

My wife and daughter both went for a vegan mint chocolate chip flavor. After checking out, we wanted to walk around Downtown Disney a little while longer. My berry ice cream was amazing. It had chunks of a few different berries as well as bits of pie crust. Plus that fresh waffle cone! Yum! The entire experience of this cone was so good.

However, as I’m enjoying my delicious ice cream, my daughter is complaining of being itchy. After a little while of complaining, I looked at her face and saw little bumps all around her mouth. Apparently, the vegan ice cream was using coconut milk which maybe she’s allergic to and we didn’t know. So, we asked the security guards if they knew of a nearby place with some medicine and they pointed us to the shop inside the Grand California Hotel.


We found some benadryl in the shop, so we gave her some of that, then sat down on the chairs in front of the fireplace in the hotel lobby. She cleared up after a little bit, fortunately! After a bit, we wandered the lobby a bit more before heading back to Downtown Disney, then back to our own hotel for the night. Disneyland awaits us in the morning!


Even with the allergy scare, our experience with Salt n Straw was very good. They even let us see and take a picture of the ingredient page for the ice cream that gave us problems just to make sure it might not be something else on the list. I would definitely go back and try to give her a better experience.

Check out the video below to see my full 360° Downtown Disney walkthrough video.


Have you been to Salt n Straw in Downtown Disney? Or anywhere else they’re located? What are your thoughts about their food? Comment below!

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