Sesame Place San Diego Ride Rankings

During our recent trip to Sesame Place San Diego, we were able to ride each of the land based rides.  I will be sharing a short summary of my ranking as well as my 360° Point of View (POV) ride videos. I’ve also included a link to the rides I’ve written longer reviews for.


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Before I begin, I want to remind you, at Sesame Place San Diego, they have a sign similar to the one below at the entrance to each ride, both land and aquatic, that goes over the Safety Requirements, Safety Instructions, as well as a Sensory Guide. The Sesame Place parks are the first parks in the world with a Certified Autism Center rating. The Sensory Guide “provides insight on how a child with sensory processing issues may be affected by each sense for rides and attractions at Sesame Place.” See the Sesame Place website for more details on what the certification entails.


At Sesame Place San Diego, the ride wait times were usually really short. Almost always, the only wait was for the previous ride to finish up. Though that was a weekday, so weekends may be different. Therefore, these rankings are more just for fun as I would recommend doing them all!

7. The Sunny Day Carrousel. The carrousel is a cute little ride and is right in the middle of the front of the park action, making it easy and convenient to ride. The ride has lots of good theming, with character pictures all around it and a big bird statue on top. But in the end, it’s just a regular carrousel.


6. Cookie Climb. In this cute themed ride of trying to race to the top to share a cookie with Cookie Monster, you’re doing all the work! Pull yourself up to get to the top, let go to fall back down. It’s a slow ride with a nice view from the top.


5. Abby’s Fairy Flight. This is a fun little swing that helps you fly through the air. The theming is kind of lacking as it’s mainly just an Abby statue on top of the ride, but the ride does have some speed / thrill factor, which helps give it a bit of a higher ranking.


4. Ernie’s Rub-a-Dub Sub. This ride is really neat. You climb aboard a ride vehicle shaped like a submarine. It lifts you in the air and spins in a circular motion frontwards and backwards. It has a bit of a thrill factor as you go up and down, making it feel like you’re going over hills, but nothing too extreme.


3. Elmo’s Rockin’ Rockets. You would think a Sesame Street theme park would have Elmo for the top ride, but not in this case. While the ride is fun, and also lets you control certain aspects of your adventure, it’s also just a Disney Dumbo ride with an Elmo theme. You definitely don’t want to pass up your opportunity to blast off into space, which, by the way if it really did, would make it number 1, I just liked a couple other rides a bit more.


2. Sesame Street Soar n Spin. The Soar n Spin Ride was really impressive to me. I loved the theming, everyone can fly around in a hot air balloon with their favorite Sesame Street character. You are lifted high up off the ground and spins in circles, but the one thing this ride has that put it over Elmo was the ability to spin your own ride vehicle around while in the air! Of course, this isn’t unique for a ride, but being able to spin while in the air certainly provides a bigger thrill factor than the up and down motion of Elmo’s ride.


1. Super Grover’s Boxcar Derby. The biggest thrill of all was definitely Super Grover as he races around these twists and turns. The ride was smooth, for the most part, but once you’re over the main hill, the rest of the ride, you’re spinning in circles, as the track is basically a figure 8 race course. The theming was pretty good, I believe each car had different characters and the hill you go up has little flags for each character as well. This ride is a can’t miss!


Have you been to Sesame Place San Diego? What do you think of my ride Rankings? If not, what are you looking forward to riding yourself? Comment below with your answers!

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