Ride Review: Fairy Tale Brook at Legoland California

During our stop at Legoland California, I had the opportunity to ride several rides as well as record a ride through video with my 360 camera.


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One of the first rides we got to experience while at Legoland California was the Fairy Tale Brook.

This is a cute little boat ride, which seats about 4 people, that travels through various Fairy Tale scenes.


The ride starts on a slow rotating boat dock that helps keep you in the same place as the boat while getting in before whisking you slowly away towards a land of make believe with a touch of LEGO magic.

One of the first scenes is an animated LEGO wolf huffing and puffing as he tries to blow down the 3 little pigs house. Meanwhile, one of the pigs is trying to hold on tight to the roof!

Up next, we come across Hansel and Gretel and a sneaky little witch. Meanwhile, the Three Billy Goats Gruff is not too far away as they try to pass over the bridge to get to greener pastures.


Then we arrive inside a castle scene where Cinderella is getting punished by her evil step mother.

After that, we come across another princess. Snow White and the dwarfs are working hard in the Forest.


The ride then takes us through a cave of wonders where a certain thief and Genie are hanging out together.

And finally, we come across Red Riding Hood and the Wolf dancing on the story books seen throughout the fun little ride.


The ride is a very cute little ride. The boat, designed to look like you’re floating on a leaf, is slow and comfortable enough to allow you to relax a bit as you take in the beautiful scenery and fabulously built LEGO sculptures. Overall it was fun to experience coming across each Fairy Tale story and seeing the incredible work that went into building famous creatures out of little tiny bricks.

Fairy Tale Brook is one of a few rides available as part of the hotels early entry perk and is not on the Reserve n Ride list, so get it knocked out before official opening if you can.


Now get ready to climb aboard and take a ride along with us through the Fairy Tale Brook to see other items not mentioned above. Enjoy!

Or, for a quick view, check out the Speedy Birds Eye view!

What part of the Fairy Tale Brook ride do you enjoy the most? Leave a comment below!

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