Disneyland Pixar Place Hotel Transformation Preview

The Disney Parks Blog has shared a preview of the upcoming Pixar Place Hotel reopening after changing from the Paradise Pier Hotel. See the details as well as some image comparisons to see the old vs the proposed changes! https://twitter.com/Disneyland/status/1661779882567774210?s=20 According to the post by Valerie Lee, the hotel, which will remain open during the transformation, … Continue reading Disneyland Pixar Place Hotel Transformation Preview


Disney Tips: Hotels 2023

Part of planning a Disney trip includes figuring out where you should sleep at night and take breaks in the afternoon. When looking for hotels, you have 2 options, onsite or offsite.  What you choose here will play a big role in how you plan the rest of your vacation. Onsite hotels mean they are … Continue reading Disney Tips: Hotels 2023