Buying Tickets from Undercover Tourist

I recently purchased another set of tickets for an upcoming vacation from the website Undercover Tourist, so I thought I'd share how to buy the tickets, add them to the Disney app as well as make Park Reservations. So you've decided to purchase third party tickets to Disney, Congratulations! What do I do now? (If … Continue reading Buying Tickets from Undercover Tourist

Trip Planning for the First Disney trip

Are you planning your first ever Disney trip? Congrats!  I was in your shoes 4 years ago when we planned our first ever trip to a Disney park, Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida 2018, then again last year as we prepared our first Disneyland, Anaheim, California trip.  This guide is full of tips for … Continue reading Trip Planning for the First Disney trip

Disney Tips: Disney Mobile App

One of the most important parts of a Disney trip is the Disney app.  This app has many planning options as well as tasks to do each day of your trip. As you prepare to visit, it's important to know how to navigate the app. This guide will inform you of each section of the … Continue reading Disney Tips: Disney Mobile App

Disney Tips: Transportation

Once you arrive in Orlando or Los Angeles, it'll be important to know how to get around throughout the week. Transportation can be a confusing mess, so it's good to know the ins and outs before you go. Disney transportation is a pretty well built system, but even the best transportation can be tricky to … Continue reading Disney Tips: Transportation

Disney Tips: Hotels

Part of planning a Disney trip includes figuring out where you should sleep at night and take breaks in the afternoon. When looking for hotels, you have 2 options, onsite or offsite.  What you choose here will play a big role in how you plan the rest of your vacation. Onsite hotels mean they are … Continue reading Disney Tips: Hotels

Disney Tips: Park Tickets and Annual Passes

When it comes to visiting any Disney resort location, the most important item to purchase is the Park Tickets. When it comes to tickets, there are many options to choose from and the hardest part is identifying which are right for you. The first option is Annual Passes. If you're a first time visitor, these … Continue reading Disney Tips: Park Tickets and Annual Passes

Disney Tips: Park Hours

When visiting a Disney Theme Park, it's important to know and understand the hours of operation as well as how the hours can change. In this post, we'll discuss regular park hours as well as extra hours. Typically, Disney releases park hours several weeks in advance of the actual date.  At Disneyland, it's about 4-6 … Continue reading Disney Tips: Park Hours

Disney Tips: Park Reservations

When the Disney Parks reopened from the COVID-19 pandemic shutdown, they introduced Park Reservations to limit the number of people going to each park on a given day. Park reservations, along with a valid ticket, are now required to enter any US based Disney park. Now, the reservations are essentially used to let Disney know … Continue reading Disney Tips: Park Reservations

Disney Tips: Dining

When it comes to visiting a Disney theme park, eating plays a big role in your trip.  Whether you need a small snack, a quick lunch, or a full dinner where you can sit down and take a break, or grab a drink at the end of the night, Disney parks have it all! Storybook … Continue reading Disney Tips: Dining

Disney Tips: Genie

When Walt Disney World unleashed the Genie, 10,000 years of captivity was unleashed on an unsuspecting public. Prior to the Covid-19 Pandemic shut down, guests booking a Walt Disney World trip could preselect up to 3 Fastpasses (skip the line pass) for each day of their trip. Some guests could select more if staying club … Continue reading Disney Tips: Genie