Les Chefs de France Review

On our recent trip to Disney World, we were able to make a stop at Chef De France for lunch.  Our group consisted of myself, wife, daughter, and mother in law. 


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Located at the front of the France pavilion, Les Chefs de France is conveniently located for guests to easily access the restaurant.  We were unable to check in with the app for our noon reservation, so we approached the hostess station located just outside the main entrance, under the awning.  She informed us the restaurant doesn’t actually open until 12, so that could be why we didn’t see the option to check in. 


For anyone without a reservation looking to walk up, it looked like they did have a walk up list as well, though I don’t know what the wait time at opening would be. 

When the restaurant opened, the waiters were all lined up inside the front door and a manager would come outside and call out the first name on the list.  They would go inside and follow their waiter to their table.  The manager continued to call out 1 name at a time.  When it was our turn, we walked through the restaurant to an area with lots of windows looking out to the main world showcase walkway and got a table next to a window.


We all had plenty of time to get our orders ready – wife and mother in law would split a salmon, kid wanted grilled chicken and I went for the braised beef in Cabernet sauce with pasta. After our waiter put in our order, he came back with a hot loaf of bread and some butter.  During the ordering, my mother in law mentioned eating gluten free, so she was brought out a fresh gluten free roll.  The hot bread was really good. It was slightly hard on the outside and soft on the inside.  The butter was pretty cold, but after a little bit of being in the hot bread, the butter was able to melt.  The melted butter on the hot bread had a delicious flavor to it. 

After a short wait, our food was served. The waiter brought an extra plate for my wife and her mom to split up the salmon. The braised beef and noodles were served in a bowl and placed side by side. I was sort of expecting the beef to be on top of the noodles, but this way was good too. The beef was very tender. I very rarely needed the knife to cut a piece off and when I did, it was because of a little bit of fat holding on. The noodles were really good. I liked them with and without the Cabernet sauce. Either way, they tasted delicious.


After we finished our main course, we decided on the Chocolate Tart for dessert. Between the Ganache, chocolate mousse and cocoa sauce, the dessert was filled with flavor. I think we all thoroughly enjoyed this dessert. Unfortunately, we devoured it before I could get a picture.

While everything I had was really good, I really enjoyed the free bread at the beginning of the meal. I don’t know what it is, but warm bread is just so good. Overall, we all had a great dining experience and would definitely go back again in the future.


Have you been to Les Chefs de France? What’s your favorite entree there? Comment below to let us know!

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