Our Final DCA hours in 360° Video

I mentioned in my last post that we were torn between staying in the parks and heading back to the hotel for a rest.


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We’ll, as we headed towards the entrance, it was nearly time for the Spiderman show to start, so we stopped by Avengers Campus and I began to record with the 360 Camera. I’ll have to add the actual 360 picture above when I get some time, but here’s the full video:


We ended up doing a full Avengers Campus walkthrough before heading down Sunset and Hollywood Boulevards. When we got to the end, we heard a new Mickey’s Philharmagic show was about to begin, so we watched that to get out of the sun and take a break.

After that, we headed into the Animation Academy building. We used that as an opportunity to rest for 20 minutes. After the rest, we headed into Turtle Talk with Crush. That was our first experience and man, we’ve been missing out. A hilarious and fun show where Crush, from Finding Nemo, has funny and unique conversations with kids at the show.

That break seemed to be what the family needed for a second wind to finish the night, so we stuck with the park, enjoying what time we had left.


It was nearly dinner time, so we headed back down Route 66 for a fill up at Flo’s V8 Cafe. We decided to mobile order while walking and we’re glad we did, the lines inside were quite long. I finally got a chance to try Flo’s Famous Fried Chicken and boy was it good! Though it was very similar to the Plaza’s Fried Chicken. But, I love some good fried chicken and would definitely recommend this. Very crisp breading and really juicy. The chicken and sides were perfect.

After dinner, I finally talked my daughter into Racing over to Radiator Springs Racers. My wife however was tire’d of rides, so we accelerated our trip with a Lightning Lane Pitstop Pass. The LL on this particular night cost $12 per person with an immediate return time, so why not! Here’s a video of our amazing race:


After that, it was time for some delicious Ghirardelli Ice Cream. We had a bowl last year that was really good, so decided to do the same thing, A Magical Sundae in a dipped waffle bowl. This bowl is filled with fudge at the bottom, 3 or 4 scoops of ice cream and topped with whipped cream and more hot fudge. Mmm so good. This restaurant is located in the Pacific Wharf area that will soon be updated to SanFranTokyo, the Big Hero 6 land, so I’m not sure if it’ll be staying or going after the transformation.

Then it was time to head to the World of Color viewing area. We were able to score a Virtual Queue spot at Noon when they were released. As soon as the spot opens, you’ll be notified via the app that it is time to head over.


We were already waiting in the area, so we ended up being the first ones through. A cast member was in the area giving people advice on where good locations are for watching. We decided to go to the second level up from the water, but right in front of the Pixar Pal Around.

Not only was this a great place for Pictures, as seen above, it was also an amazing spot to watch the show! Check out the full 360° video below!


Wow! We loved it so much. What a spectacular show. I’d kind of like to see Animal Kingdom add something similar now that the Kite Tails show has ended. With all the seating, it’d be neat to see and they’ve already had a similar show prior to the COVID-19 shutdown.

One place I really wanted to visit in the dark was Route 66 to get a video of the Neon Lights all lit up. I had some water on the lens from the WoC show, so parts of the lighting looks not so good, but overall, I really like the way this video looks. They did a spectacular job with making this look like the movie!


As we were finishing up here, it was getting close to closing time. World of Color has a second show that starts just after closing time and surprisingly enough, my wife suggested we stay, she thought it was that good! So, this time, we opted for a viewing spot on the Pixar Pier bridge. This gave us a sort of front row view but also back far enough that the show was entirely in front of us. I decided to go Live with this view on YouTube:

Overall, and after the rough start to the day, we ended up having a pretty good day. We may not have rode all the rides, we did everything as a family and that’s what mattered most this time. We also went in without Genie, I just am not sure it’s worth it given the family interests. Though I think we’d use it more in DCA over DL. And definitely recommend WoC, whether you go now or after the switch to the Disney 100 show, it is an amazing experience!


What is your favorite part of Disney California Adventure? Comment below to let us know!

If you’re ready to start exploring a Walt Disney World or Disneyland family vacation, I recommend checking out Undercover Tourist for your ticket options. I’ve already used them twice, once at Disneyland and once at Disney World and will plan to continue comparing their prices with other sites, however I usually come back to UT because they have the best deals and their instructions make it easy to add your tickets to the Disney apps.


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