Our Evening at Disneyland with 360° Videos

After I was done with Star Wars and walking around Disneyland, the family came back just in time for the evening entertainment.


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By the time the family arrived back in the park, it was after 7:30pm. I mentioned back in the Disneyland Morning Part 2 blog post about eating at The Plaza Restaurant for the Main Street Electrical Parade dining package. The seating area was located in the area with the flag pole, facing the train station, so we decided to just grab a snack from a nearby vendor and grab our seats.


The wait for the parade was a bit long, I think it was supposed to start at 8:15, but just seemed like a long time with a 7yo who can’t sit still, lol. Once it got going though, I was really impressed. All of the different floats and little animal character vehicles covered in lights was just so cool to me. See for yourself here:

I’m glad we were able to experience it in person. If you’ve never seen it live, you should definitely check it out if it returns. Unfortunately, during 2022, Disneyland only ran it during the summer with the last run being on September 1st.


Another show Disneyland only ran during the summer was the Disneyland Forever Fireworks show. I really wanted to move towards the middle of Main Street to better record the projections on the buildings, but my feet were just too tired to move. Instead we went to the other side of the flagpole to watch the show. It was a great spot, just with the 360° camera, I would have gotten a better all around view. See the full show here:

This show was really fun, lots of different stories to watch and learn about. Definitely different from the show we watched last year where it was more about singing and dancing.

After the fireworks show, there was 1 more Fantasmic show for the night, and while I really wanted to see it, we haven’t gotten to see it at either resort location, my feet were on fire, I’d been going since 6am, so over 16 hours. Lol. It was a fun day, but we decided it was time.


We headed out to the buses. Apparently there were 2 routes that go by our hotel, but I was only confident with 1 of them, which was the hotel loop. This one made several stops before getting to our location. I have had bad experiences with the Anaheim bus system, so once you find one that works, you kinda stick with it, but had we taken the other route, we would have been let off slightly closer to the hotel and not had to cross a busy street.

That was the end of our Friday in Anaheim. Saturday was a rest day for us, and thank goodness, my feet were dead! We slept in awhile, had breakfast in the hotel restaurant, this is one of the hotels with a full service free breakfast. A lot of hotels in the Anaheim resort either offer a limited breakfast or charge for a full service breakfast. However, Cambria gives you the works, including Mickey waffle irons, for free!


We spent several hours at the pool. They have a nice little water park area mainly for kids, but some parts can be enjoyed by everyone. Included in this area is a full size swimming pool, a walk-in toddler swimming pool that goes from 0 inches to about 1 foot deep, a large hot tub, a couple of splash pads, 1 with just a couple small things for the little kids, then another with lots of fun water fountains, etc. There’s also 2 water slides with a micro pool at the end. You don’t slide into the regular pool. These are both fun to use, but only available when the lifeguards are on duty. Also in the pool area off to the side is a basketball court and a putting green. And at night, the hotel has a projector in the pool area that plays a different Disney movie each night. We would have watched one on our free Saturday night, but we were just having too much trouble with the kid throwing fits etc, so decided to end the night early.

Thanks again for following along, we had 1 more park day, Disney California Adventure, so that post will be coming soon. Let me know below if you got to watch either of these shows at Disneyland either this summer or in the past and what you thought about them.

If you’re ready to start exploring a Walt Disney World or Disneyland family vacation, I recommend checking out Undercover Tourist for your ticket options. I’ve already used them twice, once at Disneyland and once at Disney World and will plan to continue comparing their prices with other sites, however I usually come back to UT because they have the best deals and their instructions make it easy to add your tickets to the Disney apps.


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