Insta360 One X2 Preview

Yesterday, I finally decided to pull the trigger on the 360° camera I’ve had my eye on since writing my negative review for the Panono camera.  I ended up selling that on eBay last month for almost the same price I paid for it, so that ended up a wash.  I was just glad to be rid of it.


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When looking for a new camera, I had several items I wanted it to be able to do.  Record videos, take pictures, export pictures from videos, and be able to do more edits after the fact, etc.

Tiny World

So, I chose the Insta360 One X2.  The device is very portable, has a small lcd display to adjust settings, includes a shutter button easy to reach that can both take pictures as well as start and stop video recording. Insta360 also has an app to both control the camera as well as edit the pictures and videos.


When the camera arrived, we took the camera along for a short walk to test it out around the neighborhood.

Rabbit Hole

The package I bought has a flexible tripod for a level setup, a retractable selfie stick that goes out 4 feet, a floater to capture water shots, the camera is waterproof up to 10 meters, camera cleaning equipment and storage, as well as mounting pieces to mount the camera to other surfaces.  It also came with a 32 GB SD card, which will only hold up to about 45 minutes of video, but it can hold a lot of pictures.


I also purchased a storage case, additional batteries, various mounting straps, and another selfie stick.  I’ll probably purchase a new SD card soon to increase storage capacity. 

The camera itself is a small device about a 1×3.5 inch rectangle that is a half inch thick with dual fish eye lenses that stitch together for the full 360° effect. It has a tiny round led display that allows you to both see what you’re filming as well as change settings.  The picture view allows to you scan the full 360° to see what’s in the shot before you take it. There are 4 microphones pointing each direction except up and down.  The microphones are also capable of voice commands to take pictures, start and stop recording and more.  Also available is a SD card slot, USB C charge port for quick charging, and a  removable battery to quickly extend battery life. 


Insta360 has also put together quite an extensive app that allows you to put together in-depth edits of your pictures and videos.  You can also control the camera with the app for better control, but it isn’t necessary as the camera can handle what you need to do.

I took an 8 minute video, then set the speed to 6x speed, so it plays in about a minute.  I then downloaded it to my phone and uploaded it to YouTube.  The quality for this turned out low with the upload, so I’ll have to play around with that, but you can see how it works.  I’ll get it working better before I’m ready to upload an actual video.  I’ll have to upload this to see how it works, but on YouTube, if using your phone, you can move the phone left to right and up and down to take a look around me.  You can also swipe around the screen to change the view.  From the desktop version, you can use your mouse to move around the screen. 

I’m really excited for this new camera and look forward to bringing new content to the blog and YouTube soon!  Thanks for sharing in my excitement! 

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4 thoughts on “Insta360 One X2 Preview

  1. I stopped bringing my camcorders to Disney since it seemed anything I could ever hope to record would already be on YouTube. I’d occasionally record some video with my digital camera. Taking the X2 to Orlando changed all that for me. Now I am back to capturing video once again, mostly due to it’s front facing stabilized video. I’ve owned a half dozen or more 360/VR180 cameras and have never had as much fun as I have been having with the X2.

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    1. Yes, it’s like a whole new way to record. I’m having so much fun testing out the different themes and learning what I can do with the camera. Looking forward to what I can do with my next Disney trip


      1. I’m over in Des Moines, so it’s nice to run in to another Midwestern theme park junkie. My photos going back to 1996 are at and — though the website itself is frozen in time due to the software I used to make it no longer being sold (you have to rent it now). One day I’ll get to that…


        1. Nice, yeah I’ve never been much into theme parks until recently. I enjoy the family friendly rides at Disney, but look forward to expanding my TP visits. I’ll take a look at your sites. Would be fun to see Disney from the late 90s and early 2000s


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