Magic Kingdom Evening Report

If you’ve been reading along, you may have noticed I haven’t written much.  I got the covid pneumonia last week so was mostly resting.   Fully recovered now though and ready to get back to writing!

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After our dinner at Storybook Dining, we returned to the Magic Kingdom.  It was already dark at this point.  The fab 5 decked out in their 50th anniversary attire was at the train station waving to the crowd.

And the castle was lit up in all its 50th anniversary glory.  Such a beautiful sight! The snoap was falling on Main Street.  Large crowds were filling the street, but it was only 6:30 and we had  a Lightning Lane for Peter Pan to get to.

When we arrived at Peter Pan, our arrival time and grace period had already expired.  I talked to the cast member and let him know our dinner ran longer than expected and we were just now able to get there.  They let us on! Yay.  It’s always fun to fly over London into Neverland.  I look forward to having a better 360 camera, I think it’ll be really cool to get that shot from above.

After Peter Pan, we walked around a bit and decided to check out the Hall of Presidents show.  We had never watched the show before. Overall it’s a fun show to learn about at least some of the history of the country.

When The Hall of Presidents show was over, it was about 10 minutes before the fireworks show began.  We found a spot by Sleepy Hollow just because there was available space.

Many people have negative opinions about the show, yet everyone sticks around to watch.  This was our first fireworks show to watch in the park.  We saw part of Happily Ever After from the bus during our 2018 trip. 

After the fireworks, we grabbed snacks and waited around for my Seven Dwarfs Mine Train Lightning Lane time.  It took about 10 minutes to get to the front of the line.  I hopped in the ride vehicle and bam, ride goes down. They kicked us out of the ride vehicles and had us standby as they cycled all the trains through.  It took about 15-20 minutes, but I was finally able to take the ride.  I love going through the mine and seeing the characters hard at work. 

By this time, we were ready to head out, but not before getting some great pictures.  Main Street is so beautiful at night, but especially during Christmastime getting to see it all lit up.

Time to head to the monorail and get back to the car. Do you have a favorite place to go to view the fireworks? What’s your favorite mode of transportation when leaving the parks? Would love to know the secrets of other Disney pros!

Thanks for reading and following along!

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