Magic Kingdom 360° Photo Report

If you read the Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Parade Review, you’ll know our day basically started with the Christmas parade. This report will detail the afternoon of our Magic Kingdom 50th anniversary celebration day.

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Prior to the main parade, we did see a couple of cavalcades coming down Main Street USA. The first, which we unfortunately didn’t get a good view of, was the Winnie the Pooh and friends cavalcade.

The characters were dropped off near the fire station, however, the horse and trolley car were brought back over in front of the train station, where we were planning to wait for the characters. We did see some friends at the train station later in the day!

We also watched the Main Street Marching Band performing Christmas songs. Had my 360 camera wanted to work, the below image would have been opposite.

Walking down Main Street USA, I thought maybe they changed the schedule around for Cavalcades and we had missed the Mickey 50th anniversary Cavalcade because it was after the scheduled time. However, as we made it to the ice cream shop, we saw the cavalcade in front of the castle and heading this way!

Skipping ahead, we went to our parade spot next. I shared this in the parade post, but it’s my only castle 360 pic of the trip, so I’ll share again.

After the Parade, my daughter wanted her favorite ride to be first up, so… Off to small world we go. The posted wait time was 60 minutes! Yikes! But we ended up only waiting 20 minutes. I grabbed a 360 shot by the stroller parking area that I was thinking was close to small world, but it really wasn’t.

While waiting in line, for small world, we grabbed our next Lightning Lane pass for Dumbo in the early afternoon. We also had a pass for early evening from the 10:30am selection time.

After small world, we headed over to the Little Mermaid ride. The posted wait was 30 minutes, but we were on in about 20. Always a good time to sing and dance under the sea!

Then we walked over to Storybook Circus to enjoy Dumbo! We walked through the Lightning Lane and was on the ride in 5 minutes. I believe posted wait was around 35 minutes.

My daughter and I have a huge love for elephants, so it’s always a fun opportunity to get to ride the Dumbo ride. After checking in, I grabbed a Lightning Lane pass for Buzz Lightyear, which we ultimately didn’t use.

After this ride, we decided to call it an afternoon and head over to Wilderness Lodge for our Dinner Reservation. Once I write that report, I’ll link to it. But on the way out, we decided to stop by the Town Square Theater to see Mickey up close in his 50th anniversary celebration outfit!

I started the spiderman pointing meme with Mickey and he followed suit, then pointed out my hands to reveal I was in fact, the imposter. Doh!

Have you been to the parks during the 50th anniversary celebration? What’s been your favorite addition so far? Comment below! Thanks for reading and I’ll be back real soon with more!

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2 thoughts on “Magic Kingdom 360° Photo Report

  1. There’s definitely a reason why it’s called the Magic Kingdom. Lots of magical adventures await the young and old! Our granddaughter just returned from there after visiting with her parents, raving about the rides, the atmosphere, and well, just about everything!
    Thanks so much for following our blog, Oh, the Places We See. It’s great to have you traveling virtually with us.

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