Disney KiteTails, a 360° review

During our recent visit to Walt Disney World’s Animal Kingdom theme park, we finally had the opportunity to take in the new KiteTails. 

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Tiny World view of KiteTails

Before I get into the review, if you’re unfamiliar with what KiteTails is, Disney says:

“Hearts and imaginations will soar as elaborate, 3-dimensional kites and incredible windcatchers dance through the air to the beat of beloved Disney songs during this high-flying performance at Disney’s Animal Kingdom theme park. Be awed by 2 unique, 10-minute shows:

  • A show inspired by The Lion King, featuring kites of Simba, Zazu and more
  • A show inspired by The Jungle Book, featuring kites of King Louie, Baloo and more

Watch as the magic takes flight above the Discovery River Theater during the 50th anniversary celebration of Walt Disney World Resort.

Before going, I did not realize there were 2 different shows.  I actually thought they had different characters sprinkled into a hodgepodge show. 

Based on the info above from Disney that I didn’t read previously, there are in fact 2 unique shows. We ended up watching the Lion King show a couple hours after watching the Festival of the Lion King play. 

The show begins by introducing the history of the magical air that allows history to float through the air.  In one of the seating locations, several Disney cast members fly around small kites. The story picks up with the introduction of Zazu and Simba as cast members on jet skis fly the oversized animals above the Discovery River in circles.

The story continues with the adolescent Simba catching up with Timon and Pumba with each of the character kites circling the Discovery River.

Before finally Simba becomes the Lion King and the adult Simba triumphantly soars above Discovery River.

The show is a unique way to try something different in a way that will not disturb the animals or surrounding environment. It also provides a fun way to sit and take a 10 minute break.

The cast members performing the show are definitely into it. They were trying really hard, even in the rain, to put on a great show, doing their best to keep the kites in the air, which isn’t always an easy feat.

Once the story involving the kite is finished, the cast members try to get the kite to land on a section of blocked off bleacher seating, which can be somewhat comical to watch.

This is not one of Disney’s best shows, but if you’re in need of a break, the seating area allows you to sit down while Disney does what they do best, tell a story. My original thought was to watch the show while eating lunch from FlameTree BBQ, which would provide a different perspective and kill 2 birds with one stone, but that didn’t work as planned. And since we didn’t watch in that area, I’m not sure you’d hear what the announcers were saying as they told the story.

Have you seen the KiteTails show? Leave a comment below with your thoughts on this new show.

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