Lincoln Zoo Lights

This year, our local zoo set up a large Christmas light display along the walking trails. The lights were mostly strung throughout the trees, but also included a display set to music and animal light displays.

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This event gave me the opportunity to try out my new Panono 360 ball camera. The camera itself doesn’t have a lot of features and gives very little control over the shot, so I will need some practice getting the best picture.


Throughout the walk, there were plenty of light displays in the surrounding areas with several high quality animal light displays including this dragon above and polar bear below

The penguins were even out greeting zoo guests. I tried getting the shot, unfortunately I didn’t leave the camera still long enough and came away with this poor quality shot. I still like it for the lights in the trees, but will need to work on holding still as the shot is captured.


The next two images were among my favorite places to capture. This first one was among trees that had light strings hanging straight down.

While this next one is a tunnel of lights. We decided to take a family selfie, but it’s hard to stay still for the length of time it takes for the image to capture.

Overall, we had a great time sipping hot chocolate while strolling through the light display. They also had the train up and running, but we decided not to stand in line for it. I tried to grab a 360 shot, but that didn’t work out either.

For more information on the Lincoln Zoo Lights, check out the following link:


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