Disneyland Magic Band + Information

Disney Parks Blog has announced more information for the Magic Band plus coming soon to Disneyland, including officially announcing a fall release. https://twitter.com/DisneyParks/status/1572224838399295489?t=A8pQGAiR0a7wbBEdojiaOg&s=19 According to the post by Jessica Pineda, Magic Bands will finally be available at the West Coast Disney Parks this fall, though no official date is available at this time. See below … Continue reading Disneyland Magic Band + Information

New Disney MagicBand+ Info

Disney Parks Blog has announced new details regarding the previously announced MagicBand+ as well as the new "Hey Disney" feature. https://twitter.com/DisneyParks/status/1522217481984634883?t=dONAPY1V2oBMNzDo0wdjwg&s=19 According to the post by Vanessa de la Viña, the new technologies will be available starting this summer at Walt Disney World. See more details below. "Are you ready to interact with Disney magic … Continue reading New Disney MagicBand+ Info