Disney Parks Best Bites

Disney Parks Blog has released a new Best Bites guide to introduce new and exciting flavors from both Walt Disney World and Disneyland. https://twitter.com/DisneyParks/status/1503763457803489296?t=YOMotfZJrvmC6bI8W-s3Lw&s=19 According to the post by Nicole Cantore, lots of exciting new flavors are available this spring on regards to in park dining. See more below! "As spring gets into full swing, … Continue reading Disney Parks Best Bites

New Boardwalk Dining Options Coming Soon

According to the Disney Parks Blog, the Boardwalk area is about to undergo a reimagining. https://twitter.com/DisneyParks/status/1502375934753652741?t=VCRBX8R3tE99REzE8AffZQ&s=19 According to the post by Lesley Harris, the Boardwalk will be reimagined with a new look and bakery over the next few years. See below for more information. "We’re gearing up to make a seaside splash at Disney’s BoardWalk! Over … Continue reading New Boardwalk Dining Options Coming Soon

St. Patrick’s Day Food Guide

Get ready for exciting new treats and food options available at both Walt Disney World and Disneyland coming next week to celebrate St. Patrick's Day! https://twitter.com/DisneyParks/status/1502330049277616134?t=qt0K93Qxq7hvXwE1ttuhMg&s=19 According to the post by Nicole Cantore, Disney is offering a vast selection of delicious food options in honor of St Patrick's Day. See below for more details. "It’s … Continue reading St. Patrick’s Day Food Guide

Hollywood Studios Spring Treats

The Disney Parks Blog has announced some tasty new treats arriving today at Hollywood Studios! https://twitter.com/DisneyParks/status/1499022976678776845?t=wreN2tucx-nPcmgAJ_xotQ&s=19 According to the post by Nicole Cantore, several Hollywood Studios food stands and quick service restaurants have added new dessert items starting today. See below for all the sweet details! "If you love sweets, this latest edition of Sweet … Continue reading Hollywood Studios Spring Treats

Disney Tips: Dining

When it comes to visiting a Disney theme park, eating plays a big role in your trip.  Whether you need a small snack, a quick lunch, or a full dinner where you can sit down and take a break, or grab a drink at the end of the night, Disney parks have it all! Storybook … Continue reading Disney Tips: Dining

Disney’s Galactic Starcruiser Culinary Experiences

Disney Parks Blog has released information regarding the food available on the all new Galactic Starcruiser. https://twitter.com/DisneyParks/status/1497223449084837924?t=Im837l0w3YPiRwZev2c8ew&s=19 According to the post by Jeremy Schoolfield, the food options at this new experience are entirely unique. See below for more details: "One of the most remarkable moments during a Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser voyage is the dining experience you … Continue reading Disney’s Galactic Starcruiser Culinary Experiences